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Three One G began in 1994 under the direction of Justin Pearson (THE LOCUST, HOLY MOLAR, SWING KIDS, CRIMSON CURSE, et al). Their first release was a 7" featuring UNBROKEN'S "And" and "Fall on Proverb," which was followed up by another 7" of UNBROKEN guitarist Eric Allen's other band, SWING KIDS. After that came a split 10" with SWING KIDS and fellow San Diego misanthropes SPANAKORZO, and then a creatively packaged picture disc 5" split with THE LOCUST -- then just called "LOCUST" -- and JENNY PICCOLO.

In 1998, Allysia Edwards came on board as a partner. According to Justin and Allysia, they release music that they love, agree upon, and -- just as important -- from people that they respect. As Allysia says, she and Justin, quote, "have to like and appreciate the people as well. I don't like dealing with fuckin' assholes just because the music's great."

Thus enters the family aspect of the label. Sure, you might not expect words like family from a label that has released albums with songtitles like "Just One Minute And Thirty-Six Seconds Closer To Smoke From The Crematorium" (HOLY MOLAR), "Joined At The Ass" and "Open Human Head Experiments With Bleach Lacquer And Epoxy" (CATTLE DECAPITATION) as well as extreme cover art with gory shit like charred human corpses (JENNY PICCOLO) and skinned, bloody cow skulls (CATTLE DECAPITATION), but family it is. First off, the most obvious: Justin has spent time in THE LOCUST, HOLY MOLAR, CRIMSON CURSE and SWING KIDS -- all of which have released records on Three One G. Then there's Gabe Serbian's two (or three) timing ways with CATTLE DECAPITATION, HOLY MOLAR and THE LOCUST. Also, Eric Allen was in UNBROKEN and SWING KIDS, and Chris Hathwell of FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER has gone on to form MOVING UNITS, one of Three One G's newest bands. And so on and so forth. Family, nepotism, incest, whatever you wanna call it, Three One G, is a label that has talented friends and keeps 'em close.

As 2002 hits its fat, palindromic middle-mark, Three One G has released a record that's already got the kids either praising its vision or crying blasphemy -- DYNAMITE WITH A LASER BEAM: QUEEN AS HEARD THROUGH THE MEAT GRINDER OF THREE ONE G. This 16 track blitzkrieg skronk features modern punk (and a couple electronic, rock, and garage) bands THE BLOOD BROTHERS, GLASS CANDY, MELT BANANA, GOGOGO AIRHEART, WEASEL WALTER and others taking on classic Queen. But scene brats and Instant Messenger geeks aside, the record already has one solid fan -- Queen's Brian May, who recently posed with a copy of the LP and CD in a photo shoot.

Three One G has already laid a tone that rings high with a lot of people. Their jig is dirty, intelligent and hard, and if Allysia's original intention to "document California and the bands that were destroying ears all over the world" still stands, then Three One G has succeeded.

Obviously, this community is for fans of 31G. Post news about bands, pics, shows, releases, or your love for Justin and/or Allysia.

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